Registration expired?

Your library registration expires or has expired and you wish to re-register.

Please note that registration is exclusively done online.

Reminder: Your registration is valid for one year from the date of registration (you can view it by logging into your account).

For example: you registered on 12/09/2017 therefore your registration expires on 13/09/2018.

You will be notified by mail 15 days beforehand.

  • To re-register before the expiry date and after you have logged in, go to "Mon compte" and click on "Demander une réinscription".

Past the 15 days deadline your registration is no longer valid.

  • You can obtain a temporary access to your account to allow you to register again. (validation within 48 hours)
    The change of status from Master 2 to doctoral student or from doctoral student to researcher must be justified (certificate of schooling, professional card or salary statement)
  • Your username is no longer recognized, you must then carry out a new registration (validation within 48 hours) and provide relevant documents (certificate of schooling, professional card or salary statement, regardless of your status.

Documents to provide

All relevant documents can be downloaded at the time of re-registration or deposited at the library's reception desk within 8 days or sent by e-mail to service-public[at]msh-paris. fr

Identity photo

You have the possibility to upload your passport photo which is necessary for the manufacture of your reader card. We can also photograph you by webcam during your next visit to the library.

For any information concerning your re-registration, do not hesitate to contact the reception desk or write to service-public[at]