Institutional Archives

FMSH governance

These are the archives related to the FMSH’s institutional policies and to the organisation and management of research activities, both within and outside the Fondation. They include the archives of the various statutory bodies and staff delegations, secretaries general, as well as the papers of the Fondation’s Administrators: Fernand Braudel (1963-1985), Clemens Heller (1985-1992), Maurice Aymard (1992-2005), Alain d’Iribarne (2005-2009), and Michel Wieviorka (2009-2015, then President since 2015).

Scientific activities

The archives of research programmes or SHS research support programmes fall into three main categories:

  • International cooperation (Germany, Brazil, China, Central and Eastern Europe, India and Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • Thematic research (European Laboratory of Social Psychology, ESCoM [Équipe Sémiotique Cognitive et Nouveaux Médias], Cinema, etc.)
  • Advanced Study, including the archives of the Paris Institute for Advanced Study (Paris IAS)

Diffusing and promoting knowledge

The Library also keeps the fonds of the various departments that contribute to diffusing information and knowledge: the Library and Archives, FMSH Press, UDLE (Ecodevelopment Documentation and Liaison Unit), Communication.